Lydia Bright & Arg Invade Knightsbridge

The ONLY way from ESSEX was to CHELSEA in a taxi very quickly to Tracie Giles and her team, for some serious Eyebrow Glitz & Glamour. Lydia and ‘Arg’ aka James slid in amongst the paparazzi outside behind sun glasses, Christian Louboutin heels and massive earrings to the sanctuary of the famous Knightsbridge clinic.the only way is essex image.They actually beat the ‘Made In Chelsea’ girls and were heard commenting ‘that lot don’t even wear fake tan’!!!

“I was so surprised as my clinic is situated in the centre of Chelsea I naturally assumed our Sloane friends would be the first through the doors, however they were pipped to the post by someone else stamping on their manor (change to ‘Patch’),” said Tracie

It was a seriously high profile ‘Invasion of the Essex duo’ with gloves off and ready for some of the UK’s finest Permanent Makeup. Where looking good is THE ‘Only Way in Essex’, this is a non negotiable requirement for any perfect specimen of cosmetic Essexness. Is this a word??

Francesca Hull and Alexandra Felstead image.

Sooo Random Eyebrows!

Could this be an Essex Vs Chelsea premier division match? Watch this space v e r y carefully…

Essex has tucked the first goal neatly in the net with Lydia having some FABULOUS permanent eyebrows and not to be left out, ARG jumped on the couch. We held his hand and Hema, Tracie Giles threading guru tamed his eyebrows to masculine perfection. Although we tried to talk him in to having a Guy Liner (dots of black pigment between his upper lashes) he retreated into the corner whilst commenting on Lydia’s fabulous ‘babe’ eyebrows.

Verdict – GORGEOUS! Lydia has the bluest eyes ever and Tracie Giles personally did her eyebrows with two shades of dark blonde in a subtle 3D effect so they would look naturally stunning. Lydia and Tracie decided that she would go darker than her natural colour to really contrast with her turquoise eyes. The eyebrows will lighten now as they heal over the next couple of weeks, then Lydia will be back in to Chelsea to perfect and finish the new look.
More pictures to follow waiting release – patience people…

P.S. Chelsea girls don’t get left out, you may not like the Fake Bake but ‘soooo random’ eyebrows just aren’t that feminine.

Lydia Bright Permanent Makeup Eyebrows picture.

L to R: James 'Arg' Argent, Tracie Giles, Lydia Bright & PR Guru Lucy Dartford

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