Sunday People Features Arlene Phillips & Andrea Mclean at Tracie Giles

THE SUNDAY PEOPLE MAGAZINE  ‘TAKE IT EASY’ today featured Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup Team in Knightsbridge. Andrea McLean and Arlene Phillips are both regulars at Tracie’s clinic and were pictured in the press as advocates of the Clinics Permanent Eyebrow Treatments…

Andrea Mclean Another Eyebrow Convert at Tracie Giles Knightsbridge

Arlene Phillips Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Arlene Phillips visits Tracie Giles for Perfect Eyebrows

Permanent make-up is taking the beauty and cosmetics world by storm since it’s a great way of enhancing lips, eyes and eyebrows 24/7. Known as the eyebrow guru due to her fantastic talent, permanent make-up expert Tracie Giles talks through the advantages of these revolutionary procedures:


The Choices:

Soft Definer Brow – Strengthens defines and subtly shapes.

3D Hair-by-Hair Perfect Brows – Exclusive to Tracie Giles. Cheat your way to brow perfection with hair-like stimulation strokes combined with custom blended pigments.

Ultra-Life Brows - The ultimate non-surgical facelift.

Total Hair Loss Perfect Brows – For those who’ve lost most or all of their own. Recreates perfect brows with flattering detail.


The Choices:

Eye Lash Enhancer – Subtle microdots of pigment infused through your lash line to give an illusion of volume.

Eyeliners– From Subtle fine liners to dramatic versions. Ideal if you love to always wear make-up.

Colour Liner – A second colour above the first. Can be bold or smudged.


The Choices:

Ultra Fine Lip Liner – Defines and shapes. Just add your favourite lipstick or gloss. Ideal if you have naturally well-shaped lips.

Gloss and Go© Tracie Giles Signature Lip Treatment - Creates a beautifully shaped slotspie lip using a crisp border blended subtly into your lip. Ideal if you have smaller or asymmetrical lips. The effect is gorgeous all you need to do is literally add ‘Gloss and Go’©

Andrea McLean (Loose Women presenter) and Arlene Phillips (So You Think You can Dance), are amongst the regular celebrity clients at Tracie’s Knightsbridge Boutique Clinic.


  • Treatment times can vary. Each treatment is bespoke so that the procedure and transformation will be the perfect picked for you
  • Permanent Makeup is for people of all ages from young to mature
  • A follow up treatment is required four weeks after the initial appointment
  • Maintenance appointments will be necessary for time to time
  • Dawn Cragg one of Tracies paramedical reconstructive technicians was awarded an MBE for her services to medical tattooing.
  • For more information on Tracie Giles and her permanent makeup artists or book an appointment call 0845 838 0299 CLIENTS GET AN PERSONALISED INTIAL CONSULTATION BEFORE MAKING A DECISION  – AT NO CHARGE
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