Megan Fox – most requested brows

If there is one name that has cropped up again and again in my clinic this year, it’s Megan Fox. “Megan who?” most of you would have asked only a few years ago, with no idea who this small time actress from Tennessee actually was. And then there came those eyebrows, those flawlessly formed eyebrows, the catalysts in catapulting Ms Fox from oblivion to mega stardom. I bet even now you can’t name one film that she has been in, but I’m sure you will recognise her as FHM’s number 1 sexiest woman 2008 and Google’s most searched for celeb. Yes, it is fair to say that they have truly transformed her from girl next door to world famous sex symbol and so it’s no surprise that I am constantly asked to replicate these gorgeous brunette brows. And the good news is that I can, with the addition of tiny hair strokes I can get your brows looking like Megan’s in no time.

Never underestimate the power of the brow. As we discovered with Jordan last week, eyebrows can completely and radically change the face and give character, expression and definition. Megan Fox is gifted with gorgeous features to begin with but her eyebrows are the part of her face that really make her and have allowed her to stand out from the crowd. So what makes them so fabulous? They are bold, symmetrical and arch in just the right place to give a youthful and rejuvenating lift and also bring out the blue in her eyes. Not only this, but they don’t look fake. The individual hairs can be seen, and they appear to be perfectly groomed, not pencilled on. This type of brow is easily achieved using permanent make up on the right face in my clinic.

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