Lydia-Rose Bright’s Gorgeous Permanent Eyebrows

Since the first series of The Only Way Is Essex, star Lydia-Rose Bright is a changed girl and gradually getting super model looks. Last year she admitted that seeing herself on screen made her think about her body and as a result she cut the rubbish from her diet, hired a personal trainer and started working out three times a week.

The results were obvious when Lydia posed nude, apart from a strategically placed Union Jack tie, for Closer magazine, recreating the famous Jennifer Aniston photo shoot. Her hard work had resulted in her losing a stone in weight and dropping from a size 10 to an 8.

Now she is turning her attention to her face and came along to the Tracie Giles Clinic in Knightsbridge for some advice – especially about permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Tracie immediately noticed her stunning turquoise blue eyes and said that these needed to be accentuated, and of course, like most girls her eyebrows were not asymmetrical and unless carefully made up, this can lead to a lopsided look.

“I used two shades of dark blonde on her eyebrows,” said Tracie, “using a subtle 3D effect so that they would look naturally stunning.”

Lydia Bright after Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Treatment.

Remeber that Permanent Makeup ALWAYS looks darker to start with because there is around 30 – 40% pigment loss as they heal, this typically takes 2 – 4 weeks. Just take a look at the photo of Lydia and you can see that using a darker colour (although currently darker than the final result will be) than her natural colour results in a terrific look. The shape is already evident and the symmetry, lift and glamour is already apparent. Over the next few weeks Lydia’s eyebrows will lighten a little as they heal and then she can head back to the clinic to perfect her eyebrows. In the meantime Lydia can complete her personal training sessions, go for a swim, or even leave a nightclub in the early hours of the morning and emerge with eyebrows to die for.

Want eyebrows as good as these? Head over to Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup Clinic round the corner from Harrods for a free consultation.

  1. Lorna says:

    Wow they look amazing x

  2. Yes. This is good stuff. Thank you.

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