London Fashion Week Power Brows

Defined brows are back. The Designer Power Brow from Tracie Giles

London Fashion Week saw the return of the designer brow, with Prada leading the way in power brow definition. Eyebrows are often considered the focal point of the face – good eyebrows frame the face, creating depth and intrigue, with many women spending

"Permanent Eyebrows, Before"

Before Permanent Makeup Eyebrows by Tracie Giles

hours plucking, shaping and colouring in a quest to achieve the perfect brow.

Achieve a perfect set of brows that stay put. Fuss free brow perfection is achievable with the 3D Hair stroke brows treatment from semi-permanent make-up practitioner Tracie Giles. Using the latest digital technology, eyebrows are strengthened, defined, and shaped with delicate strokes of pigment infused into the skin. The 3D Hair technique precisely replicates natural hair at microscopic level leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows. The overall effect gives the face total symmetry and an added ‘boost’

"Permanent Makeup Eyebrows" after

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows by Tracie Giles

Described as ‘the hottest beauty treatment on the market’, Tracie Giles has redefined the brows of the numerous celebrities and is a trusted spokesperson within this field. Dubbed as ‘Queen Of the Brow’, Tracie Giles guarantees a perfect set of eyebrows all year round. This is semi permanent make up with a twist; subtle beauty cheats that last. An easy way to look great from the moment you wake up.

Located at No.1 Harley Street and her chic new clinic at 24 Beauchamp Place in London’s trendy Knightsbridge, Tracie Giles uses bespoke mineral  pigments to create flawless eyebrows. Famous for her in-depth knowledge of pigment colour and tones, Tracie Giles and her team at The London Centre Of Permanent Make Up ensure stunning, colour-rich, designer brows using no more than compressed mineral pigments.

With results lasting between 9 to 18 months, you can wave goodbye to eyebrow pencils and temporary tints.

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