Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Makeup

As a former makeup artist before specialising in permanent makeup, I have been scrutinising the makeup of the key guests and Kate herself. So here goes.

Kate will look beautiful no matter what. She has luscious hair, great bone structure, skin and a beautiful smile. Her look is effortlessly natural. Sadly I feel that her wedding make up was not embracing what Kate has portrayed to the world since  interest in her began; there was far too much effort in the ‘natural’.

Kate did her own make up for the wedding which is admirable and a feat in itself when nerves must have been overwhelming and the effect needed to be perfect for the barrage of cameras and the eyes of the world. I don’t know how on earth she was able to even attempt to apply picture perfect makeup in this highly charged situation.

When clients come into my clinic for semi permanent makeup, we spend time working with them to capture the essence of how they see themselves and want to look. Often if we can’t seem to design an permanent eyebrow shape that they feel comfortable with, we will ask them to show us what they usually do so that we can manipulate their vision into perfection and then reality. At this stage the client mostly can’t do them the way they ‘usually’ do and get frustrated.

Natural Beautiful Kate

DIY Makeup

My point here is to draw a parallel of the effect that pressure can have on anyone trying to replicate normality under scrutiny. Kate really should have allowed a gentle sympathetic professional makeup artis at least to guide her on the day. Her eyebrows have never been like that before, because the situation itself was not ‘regular’. On her day, we saw heavy dark eyebrows which almost overwhelmed her face.

Kate's wedding makeup

Over the past few weeks and since the announcement of the couple’s engagement her eyeliner has become progressively thicker, uneven and less subtle. It’s clear that the pressure is becoming harder to cope with and she is increasingly hiding behind her eye makeup. This is where I truly believe that Kate should have a natural permanent makeup eyelash enhancement applied. Tiny dots of subtle black pigment carefully placed neatly between her lashes giving her the confidence to know that her eyes are professionally perfect and naturally pretty every day and for all of the situations that a life in the public eye will present her with.

Ironically Diana was exactly the same with her own eyeliner becoming thicker and heavier particularly when she became stressed with her marital situation and was increasingly filmed alone. Sadly as the emotional pressure mounted and Diana became lonely and troubled the whites of her eyes became more visible under the iris of her eyes. This is often the case with people in deep anguish, the heavy black eyeline emphasised this making her look sadder.

Less is best Dianna's professionally applied makeup

Heavy Sad Looking Eyeliner

Tomorrow I will make my comment on Kate’s blusher and her lip makeup.

Whatever my professional feelings (this is after all my prerogative as a professional), Kate did us all proud. She looked every inch a future queen and I watch with great interest to see the evolution of Kate’s’ hair and makeup as she becomes more submissive to the commissions of various makeup artists over the next few years.

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