Eyebrow Threading & Permanent Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow threading originated in the Far East because of the fact that the women had no money for metal equipment such as scissors and tweezers. Threading is also traditionally used for other areas of the body which is mostly popular in Thailand. In fact the whole body can be ‘threaded’.

To observe the threading in action looks both crudely basic and incredibly ingenious. One end of the thread is held in between the teeth of the technician and the other end in her left hand if she is right handed.

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Eye Brow Threading

The middle of the thread is picked out with the index finger and twisted about 5 times. This produces a scissor like action when the thread is pulled. The twist grips the hairs and pulls the hairs out giving the thread a vice like grip on the hair.

We often use threading in the clinic. Threading can give an ultra precise line and shape to the brow which tweezing and waxing cannot achieve. It can also enable us to pick out ingrown hairs and let us take out the entire hair from the root without snap the hair. This is complementary to our ‘in clinic’ permanent eyebrow makeup. Together these techniques allow us to perfect the shape with natural looking 3D hair strokes put in with cosmetic tattooing and using only pure mineral pigments. The threading is then used to sharpen the angles and curves of the redesigned brow.

Cosmetic Tattooing and Threading makes perfect Eyebrows

Hema Begun Permanent Makeup Artist at Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge was formerly at Harrods. Hema combines threading with semi permanent eyebrows to achieve perfectly symmetrical stunning brows.

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