Celebrity Permanent Eyebrows

Cher Lloyd:  Cher’s ever-changing brows, even if they are now an improvement, were still too high, too long and curved too far down the sides of her face. 

Cher's Eyebrows didn't have the X Factor

The mixture of height and length made the curve too strong, thus giving Cher an unnaturally surprised and tough expression. Although this creates a lift (even if it is too extreme), they would in fact have an ageing effect on a more mature woman, as the extent of the curve means they drag down the sides of the eyes, thus reducing the appearance of the height of the cheekbones, something that occurs naturally with age and something that perfectly designed eyebrows can trick to avoid. The ‘power brows’ that we see on celebrities such as Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian


Cher Lloyd's Eyebrows get the X Factor and the public vote

(below) and that I am frequently asked to create in my clinic, still have the strength of these brows but give a natural looking and flattering lift to the face as well as enhancing expression rather than making it a permanent fixture, such a Cher’s.

AND at last she got there, not only with her tamed performances but with her flattering perfectly symettrical brows.

Eyebrows give us expression, other people can actually make assumptions about us based on the position of our brows. Unfriendly, angry, hard, unattractive. Conversely they can see us as refined, friendly, happy, beautiful, soft kind and caring.

Ironically, Chers earlier performances were tough and harsh and the public didn’t like her. The producers got busy and over the weeks as her performances became more endearing … so did her eyebrows !!

Mono Brow

Jennifer Connelly: Jennifer’s youthful, bushy brows defy Hollywood’s typical make up trend by being quite rectangular in appearance and much thicker than the perfectly groomed and plucked brows that we are used to. However, they aren’t actually unkempt but still have shape to them, and they are what I would describe in my clinic as ‘perfectly imperfect’. They are eyebrows that are typically sought after by women who don’t usually tend to wear that much makeup and don’t want a heavily groomed finish. I wouldn’t recommend these brows to my older clientele, as they don’t do much to enhance other features or rejuviante the face but these are eyebrows that can certainly be recreated in my clinic, it just depends what kind of look you’re after.

Where are her eyebrows?

Lara Stone: Striking for all the wrong reasons, Lara Stones bleached out, ethereal , barely there brows are not a look that I would recommend, unless of course you’re a supermodel after a somewhat individual appearance! Even women with the lightest shades of blonde hair need brows that can be seen to give structure and definition to the face and to accentuate the eyes. Before I start creating the brows, I spend a significant amount of time working with my client to determine what colour would work best for her, and just as many women want to avoid eyebrows that are too dark, eyebrows that are too light can be just as unflattering.

Megan Fox: Megans brows are possibly the most requested in my clinic, and it’s no surprise why. For starters, they’re strong, symmetrical brows and arch in just the right place to give a youthful lift but not so much that they look like a bad case of Botox brows.

Most requested brows GORGEOUS

They are what we would refer to as ‘HD Brows‘, they frame Megan’s face, accentuate the blue in her eyes and bring character to Megan’s expressions without her looking overly surprised. Not only this, but they don’t look at all fake and they’re very feminine. Permanent makeup can perfectly replicate this effect using natural mineral pigments.

Most requested Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian: Kim also has beautiful brows that I am frequently asked to recreate. They are just as strong as Megans but thicker, and quite angular, a look that is very popular amongst my middle eastern clientele. They accentuate the curvature of her eyes and are brows that are perhaps easier to maintain than Megans, but still sculpted to perfection.

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