Bond Girl Waterproof Makeup

I don’t think anyone will ever forget the classic beauty of the original bond girl Ursula Andress emerging out of the sea looking like the epitome of a female goddess.

Nor will we forget Helena Christensen rolling about on the shore line with Chris Isaak.

'Make up for all occasions

Permanent Make up for all lifes 'situations'

As beautifully natural they are, the Hollywood makeup artists had skillfully enhanced these womens beauty with waterproof make up for maximum sex appeal.

Then there was the most recent Bond Girl, Halle Berry again trying to recapture Ursula’s ‘sea magic’, looking effortlessly perfect.

All women were complete with natural looking eyebrows groomed to perfection and water dripping off thick perfect eyelashes enhancing their stunning eyes, looking ‘uber’ sexy and hypnotic. I’m not suggesting that we can all be blessed with the looks that catapulted these women to iconic fame, all women can however have a little help to look the best they can in all situation, (even if we do get caught on the beach with George Clooney)!!

Wet lashes with permanent eyeliner will give your eyes the defining lashful border of hypnotic eyes as you ‘emerge’ out of the sea or pool.

The semi permanent eyebrows will also look effortlessly gorgeous so all you need is a tint of permanent lip tattooing such as Gloss and Go© and you are all set to confidently know that you look sunkissed and pretty.


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