Alopecia and Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for people who are suffering from part or total hair loss. With careful hair stroke simulation a new set of eyebrows can be created and thus transform the face (and life) of the sufferer. It’s not just women who visit my clinic in London but many men too. This week I will be writing about how permanent makeup can be used to best effect on this devastating condition.

Here is a testimonial from one lady who visited me last month:

“I’ve just come back from my top-up appointment with Tracie having had her permanent makeup eyebrow treatment: I’ve had alopecia for the last couple of years and lost most of my head hair. Much more recently I lost my eyebrows, and was finding it surprisingly hard to cope with: it removes the frame of your face, and the bare brow ridges look really unsightly and attention-grabbing. I’d been trying to draw them on, but had found it very stressful, as it is time-consuming, tricky, and they rub off if you touch them, which sometimes happens without you realising. I did my research and went to see Tracie. She made me feel at ease with the process, and made it clear she wanted to collaborate, rather than imposing her idea of brows on me.”

“It was very important to me, as I feel alopecia has taken so many of my choices away already. I brought in lots of photos of my brows as they were, and we talked a lot about what she was going to do with their new shape. I left with virtually no redness, no swelling at all, and a lot of my self-confidence back at one stroke. Since then I have been so delighted with the results. I can now pop out to the shops without feeling I have to draw a face on first. It rains, and I barely notice it. If I put my hand up to my face, I still look fine afterwards. I go to the gym feeling less stressed. They are so remarkable that far from keeping quiet about the treatment, I’m so delighted I’ve proudly shown all my friends and anyone else who asks about alopecia. The verdict is universal: you can’t tell they’re not normal brows unless you come nose-to-nose and actually touch them. I can’t thank Tracie enough, not just for her amazing skill, but for her gentle, kind and understanding attitude to the nightmare of alopecia. I feel as if I have got my face back and a respite while I deal with the rest. I cannot emphasise enough how much this has transformed the way I feel. I feel less powerless and less violated. If you’re considering it, go for the very best, which is Tracie, and the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.”

“They look fabulous Tracie. I’m sure your perfectionism won’t let you accept that! But I really could not possibly be happier. I’m going to meet my sis (who paid for one of them!) tomorrow for the first time since you did them, and I bet we both cry. I am so grateful to you. I hope you can use some or all of the above.

My very warmest regards to you,
Vicki Baker”

You can find out more about permanent makeup alopecia treatment by following the link.

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