Alopecia Hair Loss Woman Has Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

The 3D Brow Replication from Tracie Giles; giving hope to women and men with hair loss caused by Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Hair Pulling and other medical conditions.

When Miranda Luxford lost all her hair almost overnight at the age of 8, her life was devastated. All the way through her teens her hair would intermittently fall out. She bravely wore bright coloured wigs to disguise the fact that she had no hair.

For her the most embarrassing thing was having no visit eyebrows which precipitated her not being able to look people in the eye as she felt low self esteem and her confidence crumbled.

When ‘That’s Life’ magazine asked Tracie Giles to help Miranda, she jumped at the chance. Tracie is well known for working with Alopecia Eyebrow patients both men and women. She regularly gives them permanent makeup eyebrows and also permanent eyeliner.

Eyebrows are often considered the focal point of the face – eyebrows frame the face and give definition and expression yet, for some, eyebrows are a luxury they must live without. Partial or full facial hair loss can be incredibly distressing and can also have a devastating effect on one’s self esteem.

The 3D Brow Replication mimics natural hair leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows.

After an initial consultation, Tracie Giles or one of her well reputed technicians will ‘map’ the ideal brow shape using facial callipers and measuring devices.  The chosen shape is then marked onto the skin using cosmetic pencils. A bespoke pigment mix will then be created to work in harmony with the skin tone and hair colour and replicate natural eyebrow hair.   This technique makes the implantation process swift with little sensation. The 3D Brow Replication ensures the most flattering, subtle and natural looking eyebrows.

Recently described as a ‘miracle procedure for hair loss’, Tracie Giles and her team continue to help those afflicted with eyebrow loss. Tracie Giles and her world class team are accredited by Alopecia UK and, due to popular demand, have now launched the UKs first high street clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge and home to the 3D Brow Replication.

With results lasting between 9 to 18 months, there is a solution to eyebrow hair loss

Prices start from £395 Contact Tracie Giles for a Free Permanent Makeup Consultation.

  1. julie henry says:

    please help no eyebrows at all all fallen out

    • Julie come in and let me or the team take a look. We can make your eyebrows great again . Tracie Giles

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